Do not sell my personal information

N.Rich is a software platform for managing targeting and behavioural analytics data of advertising and websites on behalf of our clients. We use cookies to ensure the advertising you see will be relevant for you. However, we believe you should retain control of your personal data, so you can choose whether to let us set and use cookies on your browser for this purpose or not.

We do not store or collect any direct personal information, such as name or email address and only take advantage of pseudonymous personal data like cookies.

Under the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) the use of cookies for targeting advertising and behavioural analytics may be categorised as “selling” of personal data. If you want to opt-out and prevent us from identifying you using cookies for advertising and analytics purposes, please click on the «Opt-out» button. We remember opt-outs by storing an opt-out cookie on your browser, so if you delete your cookies you will need to opt out again.

Please also note that opt-outs are specific to the browser you use so, if you use multiple browsers (for example, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox), you will need to opt out on each browser and on each device you use (for example mobile devices). For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice.